• S26 Gold Progress Step 2 Formula Baby Milk Powder General Information S-26 GOLD PROGRESS is a nutritious follow-on formula with an advanced formulation specially tailored to meet the changing nutritional needs of your growing baby as solids are introduced. From 6 months onwards, your baby is becoming quite active and developing rapidly.
  • So, a well-balanced diet is important. S-26 GOLD PROGRESS protein source is based on a combination of whey protein concentrate and nonfat cow’s milk.
  • This added whey is easy to digest. Contains milk and soy. Directions Follow ‘How to Prepare’ instructions on pack. ‘Feeding Guide’ is available on pack.
  • Note that your baby may need more or less than indicated. Ideally formula should be prepared just prior to feeding, otherwise refrigerate prepared formula and use within 24 hours.
  • Solid food should be offered to your baby from 6 months. Store can in a cool, dry place (e.g. pantry).


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