Nike first introduced Nike air cushion technology to the market in 1979. Nike has successfully changed the wearing experience of athletes by putting the Nike air cushion in the midsole of running shoes and eight years later, Nike continues to introduce the latest scientific research into the running shoes design. Nike cushion unit becomes larger, which means stronger shock absorption and comfort, with the launch of Air Max running shoes, but also for the first time in the eyes of the world. Air Max sports shoes NIKE released in 1987, marking the beginning of visible technology. Since then, Nike Air Max series has come out in the series did not stop this series of technology research and development projects, each generation of Air Max sneakers have improved on the basis of the previous, providing a stronger cushioning, but also highlight More and more innovative ability. From Air Max 1 (1987), Air Max 90 (1990), Air Max 180 (1981) and Air Max 93 (1993), Air Max 95 (1995) In the technical realization of the air cushion wrapped the entire heel, and shape has also developed to a relatively perfect stage.


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